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Lab Grown Diamonds



Like dinosaurs, mined diamonds are a thing of the past. With our certified lab grown diamonds you're able to commemorate your everlasting love, while protecting the earth and saving your hard-earned cash. Leave the dinosaurs in the ground and get more diamond for less dough at CD Clark Diamonds & Design Studio.

lab grown diamonds




  • Lab grown diamonds are available at a fraction of the price. With a price tag thats typically 40% less, you're able to get a bigger diamond for the same investment.
  • The physical and chemical properties of lab grown diamonds are identical to those of traditional diamonds. The sparkle is the same, the only difference is where they come from.
  • Lab grown diamonds are the better choice for those concerned about the environment. There is no digging or exploration involved in creating these beautiful stones.
  • While traditional diamonds take thousands of years to form, the process to create a lab grown diamond takes as little as three months!
  • Lab grown diamonds are certified by a gemological lab using the same criteria used to grade a natural mined diamond.

diamonds are dinosaurs


mined vs lab grown diamonds

lab grown diamonds


CD Clark Diamonds & Design Studio works with a certified supplier of lab grown diamonds. All of our lab grown diamonds are laser-inscribed to properly identify your stone and confirm its origin. Leave those traditional, dinosaur diamonds in the ground! Connect with us to learn more about the diamonds of the future - beautiful, affordable, and sustainable.

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